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Distributor Enquiry


Danley are the market leaders in systems designed to control the expansion/contraction and cracking of concrete floors.

Having now presented Finn Joint to Engineers, Architects and the Trade users in Australia, the product has received universal applause for its innovative solution to addressing long standing problems with concrete slab on ground construction.

A solution to aid in controlling the thermal expansion and contraction of concrete, Finn Joint provides a waterproof seal, high load carrying cover plate system, and armoured edge to prevent spalling of edges.

The development of pre-fabricated intersections that remain waterproof has addressed long standing issues including quality control at installation. With being awarded the experts choice as the Most Innovative Product at the World Of Concrete 2012, enquires have now started to flow in from many countries. I am sure with the right marketing and investment you will have a product that will find commercial success throughout the world.

Danley are excited at being involved in the development of this product and taking to market a truly innovative system that addresses an historical sore point in slab on ground concrete construction.

Best regards
David Barnes
Business Unit Manager Danley Construction Products.